Inflatable Water Blobs in Arlington

Inflatable Water Blobs in Arlington

These products are designed to catapult individuals into the air at great speeds, providing plenty of fun in the water!

Blow up Water Catapult in Arlington

Blow up Water Catapult in Arlington

The blow up water catapult has been made famous from several viral YouTube videos, as it can make for some great montages!

Inflated Aqua Blob Jumper in Arlington

Inflated Aqua Blob Jumper in Arlington

Inflated aqua blob jumpers are created from high grade materials to ensure it can withstand the strongest of impact regularly.

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Inflatable Water Blobs for Sale in Arlington

Here at Inflatable Water Blobs for Sale, our products are designed to catapult individuals into the air at great speeds, providing plenty of fun in the water. If you are looking to buy/hire an inflatable water blob in Arlington, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

Inflatable water blobs for sale in Arlington GL7 5 are becoming extremely popular for their obvious reason: the fun and excitement it brings to a group of people. We currently have many for sale and available to purchase to the public.


At our company, we pride ourselves on the flexibility in our product and service range. Our products can vary in many different ways to satisfy you as the customer and our water blobs can cater for many different events, such as parties, summer events or even for general fun with your friends.

Be sure to get in touch with us through our contact form if you would like to buy an inflatable water-blob for outdoor activities and fun water sports. We will get back to you as soon as possible with some more information on the costs and designs for your particular enquiry.

What is an Inflatable Water Blob?

An inflatable water blob is a giant catapult to be used in a swimming pool or a lake. One person sits on one end, whilst another jumps onto the opposite end from a height, catapulting their friend high into the sky and then splashing in the water! It is great fun for all involved.

Our inflatable water blobs for sale in Arlington GL7 5 are unique because they are so easy to collect and store away for later use. They are easily deflated and blown up again within a short period allowing the user to transport the product at their will, for their next event or to take home for use. This is why many of our customers choose to buy these products, as they can be inflated for use, then deflated afterwards and put away to be used again another time.


Air Filled Aqua Blob Jump Prices

As with everything in business, our prices for buying this equipment do fluctuate. This is factor dependent, including such things like: Where are you based? What do you require from us? What colour/shape/size/design have you requested? Any specification that you desire is possible, but naturally, prices do vary with these.

Whether you need the air filled aqua blob jump for a party or simply for personal use, we are confident that we can specifically manufacture our products to tailor to your needs and to your budget. Your location can be an influence on the final price you pay however the closer you are to us the cheaper it is. Although the prices can change, the possibility of getting the product to you doesn’t.

We are a global company that have been industry leaders for many years now.

Blow Up Water Catapult for Hire

Our blow up water catapults is available for hire. On the contrary, however, at Premium Inflatables we would recommend you buying one, rather than hiring one. There are a number of reasons why we would say this.

Firstly, it is cheaper to do so, this's because of transport, delivery, and insurance costs when hiring. Secondly, it makes more sense to purchase as this then allows you to use it whenever you like, and you could even lend it to your friends for their parties.

All of our products are specifically made through a high-end manufacturing process, ensuring the highest quality to the customer. This makes them able to withstand harsher weathers and terrains than competitor’s products, and this's something that we're very proud of as industry leaders.

Inflatable Aqua Blob Jumper in Arlington

Not only can we guarantee the highest of quality from all of our products, but we also sell our inflatable aqua blob jumper for sale at competitive rates, allowing us to stand out from the crowd with this unique duo offering. If you would like an item like this, just get in touch.

If the idea of purchasing inflatable water blobs in Arlington GL7 5 interests you or this makes you have someone in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us via the enquiry form.


We will respond ASAP with an informative answer, and we are confident we can answer any query you may have and work closely alongside you to provide a fixed and accurate quotation. Thanks for reading our information.

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