Water Sports Equipment in Alvescot

Water Sports Equipment in Alvescot

The water sports equipment that we can provide can range from basketball nets to full size boats and fly fish rides!

Family Sized Blow up Rafts in Alvescot

Family Sized Blow up Rafts in Alvescot

Our family sized blow up rafts are ideal for any family or group of friends on holiday looking to spend some quality time on the water!

Large Outdoor Inflatable Water Products in Alvescot

Large Outdoor Inflatable Water Products in Alvescot

We also offer large outdoor inflatable water products which can be used by multiple people at once!

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Water Sports Equipment in Alvescot

Thanks for visiting Inflatable Hot Tub, we specialise in family-sized rafts, large outdoor inflatables and sports equipment including basketballs, full-sized boats and fly fishnets. Are you looking for a professional inflatable water sports equipment in Alvescot? Then you have found the right place. 

There are so many different types of inflatable water sports equipment in Alvescot OX18 2 available. From group toys to full water park multi-functional apparatus and much more. We are able to offer all products from paddle boards, banana boats, fly fish ride to commercial combo set packages.


The equipment that we offer can be specified to your liking and is made to the highest possible quality to make certain that the equipment itself can withstand frequent use on the water. As we have many unique clients interesting in our products, we make sure to offer you the best quality equipment.

We are competitive on our prices for these products but we make sure that our quality is the most important aspect. A lot of people will see a cheaper item and might buy it but you should remember that if it is cheap, there is a reason for it being so and it is most likely due to the fact that the materials are not good. This would probably then have an effect on the life of the item.

Feel free to contact our team today if you would like to buy inflatable water-sports items for parties or regular use. The costs will vary depending on what you need but we can provide you with all the information if you fill in our contact form.

What is Water Sports Equipment?

Water sports equipment can range from swimming toys to massive aqua apparatus and varies depending on the customer’s needs. We supply almost every type of water-sports items you can think of, from banana boats to huge inflatable slides and basketball facilities.

When looking at purchasing water-sports toys, many people tend to be confused about exactly what it is they’re looking to purchase. Thankfully, we love working closely with the client, discussing our product range and helping them to reach a decision.


Inflatable Aqua Sport Products for Sale

Premium Inflatables in Alvescot OX18 2 are proud to offer only the best grade inflatable aqua sport products for sale and are well known for selling water equipment that is built for the long run. The manufacturing process of our products makes sure the material is both strong enough to endure lots of use, but also soft and bouncy enough for safety at all times.

The costs for the products is incredibly dependant on an order itself, as much larger and bespoke orders will more than likely cost considerably more than a smaller purchase. Having said that, the inflatables that we offer are priced competitively, ensuring you get a good deal regardless of what type of inflatable you decide to purchase.

Hiring Blow up Water Facilities

Hiring blow up water facilities could be expensive, and whilst we can offer the hiring of these facilities to you we like to advise our clients to buy the inflated products instead of hiring them. We suggest this due to the fact that hiring costs often equate to more than purchase costs after insurance and collection prices are considered.

As well as this, the advantages of owning the blow-up water facilities instead of renting them out are that you are able to use them again and again. This again makes it more cost-effective than hiring, as renting out the inflatables over and over again will start to become extremely expensive.

Heavy Duty Commercial Banana Boat in Alvescot

We offer a 6 person banana boat rider which is an amazing group of water sport that can be pulled by speed boats or even a jet ski. This heavy duty commercial banana boat can be deflated and carried to many different locations, making it a perfect portable boat for any occasion.

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The equipment kit comes with an electric pump, storage bag and a repair kit. This is incredibly handy as it also helps to increase portability, whilst ensuring that if the boat ever needed repairing you would have the correct equipment to do so safely and quickly. For more information about any of our products in Alvescot OX18 2 or to enquire to purchase any of our inflatables, make sure you fill in the contact form and we will respond with a helpful reply.


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