Inflatable Sofa Suppliers in Ameysford

Inflatable Sofa Suppliers in Ameysford

If you're looking for inflatable furniture, we offer a range of products including sofas and chairs which can be used for both indoor and outdoor use in a range of places.

Blow Up Furniture in Ameysford

Blow Up Furniture in Ameysford

Our range of air inflated furniture can be used for many purposes including camping and temporary seating areas for events like parties and weddings.

Portable Inflated Sofas in Ameysford

Portable Inflated Sofas in Ameysford

These blow up chairs and sofas can be easily deflated and transported for easy set up in any area, they are extremely versatile for a number of different uses.

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Inflatable Sofa Suppliers in Ameysford

We are Inflatable Sofa Suppliers, we provide a range of air inflated furniture that can be used for many purposes including camping and temporary seating areas for events like parties and weddings. If you are thinking of buying/renting an inflatable sofa in Ameysford, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

If you’re looking for inflatable sofa suppliers in Ameysford BH22 0 then you’ve come to the right place. We are the market leaders in the supply and delivery of these blow-up sofas nationwide in the UK and even worldwide.


We are capable of shipping our couches to many locations including Australia, USA, New Zealand and many other countries throughout Europe. For those looking to purchase air inflated furniture for events like parties and weddings, we offer a great selection of products which can be used inside and outside.

These portable blow up sofas are perfect for family garden parties, BBQs or just regular entertainment as these can seat up to 20 people. This 20 person inflated settee takes just ten minutes to blow-up with air and also comes with a matching table so it’s amazing for any large garden party.

We also have smaller sizes of furniture including sofas and chairs so you can choose to buy items which will perfectly suit what you need.

What is an Inflatable Sofa?

An inflatable sofa is a popular product that acts as a practical alternative to a standard sofa or couch. These party settee products blow-up extremely quickly, and offer people superb back support whilst ensuring that comfort remains a priority.

This type of furniture is becoming very popular with people who are holding events and are looking to create temporary or portable seating areas which can be easily set up and moved around.

The products that we supply are also highly reliable and stay inflated for incredibly long periods of time. Many inferior products look great when inflated, but don’t have the longevity of the couches that we supply.

If you want a product which is of high quality and one which you can use time and time again, it is recommended to spend more money on a better quality product as when you buy a cheaper item, there will be a reason it is cheaper. This is normally due to the materials used to create the item.


Blow Up Garden Party Settee Hire

Many customers ask if they can hire a blow-up garden party settee but in all honesty, it is cheaper to physically purchase and own one of these inflatable sofas. The reason being because of delivery charges to deliver and collect the product. As these come with the electric pump and storage bag you can deflate the settee and store away in winter ready for your next summer party.

Purchasing the product remains the best way to acquire a blow-up garden party settee, as the one-off fee means you do not have to pay the added extras required when hiring the sofa. Be sure to fill in our contact form if you are interested in buying air inflated furniture, one of our inflatable sofa suppliers would be happy to discuss your enquiry and budget with you.

Inflatable Camping Chair for Sale in Ameysford

The pricing of the inflatable camping chair for sale in Ameysford BH22 0 tends to rely on the type of product that the client would like. For example, a much larger and fancier designed inflatable couch is likely to cost a lot more than our most basic model.

Fortunately, here at Premium Inflatables we have a massive selection of blow-up furniture to choose from, so when asking for a quote for these products please make sure to specify what type of inflatable product that you’re wanting to purchase, and we will send you over some examples with prices to ensure you receive the exact sofa that you’re looking for.

Portable Furniture Facility Suppliers

As we are a leading portable furniture facility supplier, it's our responsibility to offer not only the greatest products but at competitive rates too. Our experienced and friendly team are more than happy to discuss in detail with you about the kind of couch you’re looking to purchase and will work with you to make sure you find the right products for you.


For any more details about these services in Ameysford BH22 0 or to enquire, simply fill out the contact form in the ‘contact us’ box above and we will reply with a knowledgeable and helpful email. Thanks a lot!

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