Inflatable Marquee in Dorset

Inflatable Marquee in Dorset

We can supply premium inflatable marquees for outdoor use with events such as weddings and parties, these come in a range of sizes and designs to suit your budget.

Air Inflated Shelter in Dorset

Air Inflated Shelter in Dorset

Our blow up shelters can be easily inflated in an outdoor space and used for many events as well as protecting people from rainy conditions.

Blow Up Marquee Suppliers in Dorset

Blow Up Marquee Suppliers in Dorset

If you need a portable marquee or shelter for your outdoor event, we have loads of products which come in a variety of sizes and designs to suit whatever you need.

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Premium Inflatable Marquee in Dorset

Thanks for visiting Premium inflatable Marquee, we can supply premium inflatable marquees for outdoor use with events such as weddings and parties, these come in a range of sizes and designs to suit your budget. Are you looking for a professional premium inflatable marquee in Dorset? Then you have found the right place.

We are specialists in selling our premium inflatable marquee in Dorset DT3 4 and are capable of working closely with our clients to make certain they receive the ideal product for them. The blow-up shelters that we offer are manufactured to remain firm during strong winds, making them great for outdoor use both in winter and in the summer.


Looking to host a party, setting up an event or simply need an outdoor shelter for the back garden? If so, we’ve got you covered. The products that we sell come in many different variations and we are sure we’ll be able to supply the correct marquee for your location.

For more information regarding our services and what we are able to offer, just apply using our application form on our website and a member of our team will get in touch with you about what we can provide. There is no point waiting, you might as well find out now and get your premium inflatable product.

What is an Inflatable Marquee?

An inflatable marquee is a blow-up product that acts as a more portable and practical option instead of a normal marquee facility. These inflatable products provide fantastic cover from rain for those looking to use the marquee in the winter, whilst these gazebos are also perfect for the summer for keeping cool in the shade.

These marquees can be ordered in several different sizes and specifications depending on how you would like to use it, for example, smaller gazebos tend to be better for back garden use, whereas our larger facilities are perfect for bigger occasions and events.

Air Inflated Shelter for Sale in Dorset

We have a large stock of air inflated shelter for sale ranging from price to price depending on what the customer is looking for. It’s hard to estimate the price of these products as there are a lot of variables that can influence the final price of our shelters; however, we make sure to offer our inflatables at a competitive rate.

We have a range of different products available, this is because we want to meet your requirements. Therefore, the item which you decide on will have a different price to the others which are also offered. Some other factors that can change the costs of these are the design, size and location that you are based in, as this takes into account transport and delivery costs.


Inflatable Dome Tent Hire

In terms of purchasing an inflatable dome tent, you do have the option to hire. However, we would solely recommend doing a one-time purchase of the Marquee as this is overall cheaper. Hiring the product means insuring and transport costs whereas buying it's economically less and it's ideal for you to pack away and use again whenever you like.

What makes our inflatables so unique is the flexibility it offers you as the customer. It can be used for many different events, the product itself comes in many different designs, shapes and sizes, all with the idea in mind of meeting your wants and therefore satisfying your needs.

This facility is only recently becoming popular which is why it is unique and makes your event standout because most people will just have a stadard version of this. The standard products can take some time to set up, whereas a premium inflatable marquee is quick and easy because they simply do it on their own when the air starts going in.

Blow Up Marquee Suppliers

Premium Inflatables in Dorset DT3 4 are the number one supplier of inflatables within our industry and it's up to us to make sure that we offer you a price that will beat our competitors. Alongside offering this competitive rate, we can ensure products of the highest quality and exceptional customer service.

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