Inflatable Pub Suppliers in Aintree

Inflatable Pub Suppliers in Aintree

Inflatable pubs are great for people who want to host events all year round with a novelty bar, and these can be set up in any large outdoor areas for parties.

Blow-Up Air Inflated Bar in Aintree

Blow-Up Air Inflated Bar in Aintree

A blow-up air inflated bar is an excellent facility for beer festivals, parties and many other events, they are suitable for use by lots of different people at once.

Inflatable Events Bar in Aintree

Inflatable Events Bar in Aintree

Our unique air inflated bar products are available in a range of sizes, colours and shapes to suit whatever theme you would like, as well as being easy to set up and pack away.

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Premium Inflatable Pub in Aintree

Here at premium Inflatable Pub, are unique air inflated bar products are available in a range of sizes, colours and shapes to suit whatever theme you would like, as well as being easy to set up and pack away. If you would like to purchase/rent a premium inflatable pub in Aintree, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

If you are interested in purchasing a premium inflatable pub in Aintree L10 8 then this page has all the information you need. We specialise in supplying these blow-up products all across the UK.


The air-inflated bars are great for big parties and events, as they can hold about 60 people. We are aware that each client will have different requirements, which is why we work alongside our customers so that they achieve the best possible result.

A premium inflatable pub is used all year round since additional features like lighting and heaters could be included to make the bars more comfortable for you.

If you're interested in more information with regards to buying blow-up bars, please fill out our enquiry form presented on this page. One of our professional team members will get back to you as soon as possible regarding any information you need.

What are Inflatable Pubs?

An inflatable pub is a bar that can be inflated with air and set up anywhere. The blow-up bars offer comfort and fun for almost any party or event. These products are often purchased so that people can enjoy a completely new experience which is more exciting than just having a traditional drinks bar.

These types of blow-up bars provide shelter, which means they can be used almost any time of year. The air-inflated pubs which we supply and deliver can stay up for a long period of time, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the bar losing air during your event. Once the part is over, they are very easy to deflate and pack up into storage until the next time you need them.


Blow Up Air Inflated Pubs Prices

The price to buy these air inflated pubs may vary depending on a number of different factors. These could include any added extras which you may require when you purchase the blow-up pub, as well as your location – as we would have to deliver the equipment.

In order to gain more information about costs and prices of inflatable pubs, please fill in our contact form. By sending your details and requirements via our enquiry form, our expert team can get in contact with you to discuss the options available and offer you fixed prices for the purchase of our blow-up pubs.

Installation Inflatable Bars in Aintree

Our inflatable bars in Aintree L10 8 are simple to install and only take a few minutes to blow up. Since they could be packed away easily, it is highly recommended to have a look at the novelty bars which we have for sale. Once you buy your inflatable bar you will see how easy it is to inflate the product and then let the air out once it is ready to be put away.

Since the installation process only takes a few minutes, you can then get your party started ASAP. If you want to create an amazing event, why not have a look at the different blow-up bars available?

You will be sure to find one that is perfect for you and the parties you want to host! You can choose from a range of sizes, colours and designs to suit whatever theme you have for your event.

Inflatable Bar Hire

We have a huge range of air inflatable bars which can be hired out to our customers. We will be able to supply and deliver these blow-up pubs to your location, so you don’t need to worry about anything! Although we provide a hiring service, we would highly recommend buying an inflated bar as you would make much better use of the product. Since the products are utilised outdoors you will be able to enjoy the blow-up pubs all year round when you purchase one which we have for sale.

For more information on buying an inflatable pub in Aintree L10 8 make sure that you complete our contact box presented on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a professional and helpful response.


If you write as many details in the application form about what service you have an interest in, that would be really helpful for our team.

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