Inflatable Obstacle Run For Hire in Anstey

Inflatable Obstacle Run For Hire in Anstey

Our runs are available for hire however it is cheaper and more practical to make a one off purchase as you can then use it again and again with your friends and family.

Inflatable Obstacles for Sale in Anstey

Inflatable Obstacles for Sale in Anstey

Made of high quality materials, we can ensure that our products can make your special event filled with fun for all those involved on the day.

Blow Up Barrier Track Design in Anstey

Blow Up Barrier Track Design in Anstey

Our designs are fully customisable to our customer. The dimensions, colours, and themes can be changed depending on what you want and need from us.

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Inflatable Obstacles for Sale in Anstey

Here at Inflatable Obstacles for Sale, our designs are fully customisable to our customer. The dimensions, colours, and themes can be changed depending on what you want and need from us. If you are interested in buying/renting an inflatable obstacle in Anstey, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

At Premium Inflatables, we have many inflatable obstacles for sale in Anstey SG9 0 right now. We are currently holding many in stock and demand is rapidly rising. We have been market leaders for a number of years and are able to meet your specifications allowing you to buy the product and have a fun-filled event with the use of your purchase.


Our Inflatable obstacles are guaranteed to be the centrepiece of your event, as they are ideal for parties, stag do’s or hen do’s, events, and for all ages, both adults and children. Not only do we sell this new and exciting product but it comes in many shapes, sizes and colours so that you can match it to a particular theme or colour.

What is an Inflatable Obstacle?

An inflatable obstacle is a course that is both challenging and fun for the user. As it's inflatable it is completely safe but there are many obstacles in the way trying to stop you from completing your quickest time. Try and get the fastest time on the course and challenge your family and friends.

If the sound of this obstacle course interests you or makes you think of someone whom this product would be perfect for, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form on this page! Simply fill out your relevant details and send us a question. Whether it is a simple enquiry or you're looking for a quote, one of our knowledgeable advisors will reply quickly and informatively.

Air Filled Fun Assault Course Prices

Prices of our Air Filled Fun Assault Course in Anstey SG9 0 may vary due to a number of factors. Firstly, your location can either increase or decrease the price of purchasing the product. Naturally, if you are further away this may cost a bit more for transport and delivery costs, but if you're closer the prices will be lower.

Also, the design specifications that have been chosen can also influence the price. Although different variables can impact the final price that you pay; we can guarantee that we'll meet your requests and satisfy your wants and needs. This flexibility we offer has allowed us to be industry leaders and remain there.


Blow up Obstacle Run for Rental

You are able to hire our blow up obstacle course runs. They are for rental however at Premium Inflatables we would personally suggest buying the obstacle course rather than renting. For one, it is cheaper. This is because the insurance costs, transport and delivery costs end up costing more than making a one time purchase.

The other benefit to purchasing the obstacle product is that it's your personal possession and this means it's mobile and storable, allowing you to take advantage of the easy inflate and deflate mechanism, meaning you can store it away and blow it up at any time and then take it with you for use at your next event.

Inflatable Barrier Track Design in Anstey

Unique to us as a company and within our obstacles products - we can assure you that our Inflatable Barrier Tracks are sustainable to all weather conditions as they are made of premium and high-quality products. Many companies within our industry use cheaper materials and have less experience and can leave many customers feeling disappointed.

If you're wanting this product for an event or a party and you have a special theme which you're following, for example a certain colour. This is not a problem as we have a variety of colours to choose from, all you need to do is let our team know your requirements and we can help you with the items you are interested in.


Once again, if seeking an inflatable obstacle for sale in Anstey SG9 0 that is fully customisable for your needs, is made through a top-end manufacturing process; then send us over a question with your details. We offer competitive obstacles pricing and we cannot wait to see and hear how everyone enjoyed the obstacle course product that you bought from us for your special event. Thank you for taking the time to look at our information, contact us if you'd like any of our services.

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