Premium Inflatables in Astley Abbotts

Premium Inflatables in Astley Abbotts

We offer the best in large scale inflatable products for a range of activities and games including human table football courses, water zorbing, mazes and bouncy castles.

UK Inflatable Suppliers in Astley Abbotts

UK Inflatable Suppliers in Astley Abbotts

Our wide selection of products are great for parties, outdoor events and weddings with plenty of options to choose from for people of all ages to enjoy.

Outdoor Activities Equipment in Astley Abbotts

Outdoor Activities Equipment in Astley Abbotts

Many of our clients choose to buy the inflatable equipment for continued use in public events or just for home garden games, the possibilities are completely endless.

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Premium Inflatables in Astley Abbotts

We are Premium Inflatables and we offer the best large-scale inflatable products for various activities and games, including human table football courses, water zorbing, mazes, and bouncy castles. These products are great for parties, outdoor events, and weddings, with plenty of options to choose from for people of all ages to enjoy

If you would like to buy a premium inflatable in Astley Abbotts our friendly and experienced team is here to help.


Premium inflatables in Astley Abbotts WV16 4 are the market leaders in providing high quality inflated products throughout the UK. As premium inflatables suppliers, we supply, deliver, and at times hire all our blow up materials.

These vary from water sports products to other popular materials like hot tubs, photobooths, and others like zorb footballs in Astley Abbotts which are great for stag parties, hen parties, and commercial events.

As premium inflatables suppliers, we can tailor design equipment for large water sport venues. We also cater to councils who require climbing bespoke bouncy castles, running tracks, air blow up devices, and any unique stock item. We have a superb collection of equipment for relaxing in, creating memories with, or activity property.

There are so many designs to choose from, so just let us know your interests!

Best Inflatable UK Suppliers

Since we are premium inflatables suppliers, we firmly believe we are the best inflatable UK suppliers in Astley Abbotts WV16 4 because of our wide range of product offers. We have small cheaper products to large unique, more expensive items. We certainly only use the best materials sourced to be confident of beating any quotation for a like-for-like quote.

We have the most competitive prices in the market without compromising quality. We use only the best materials for our quality products, making us confident that we can beat other suppliers' offers for different products like bouncy castles.

Fill in the contact box and see our full ranges of pricing for our shopping list, and we offer advice and guidance and give lead times on deliveries.

To find out more about the variety of available services, please find our application form on our site and write in your details. We will then have your contact details and get in touch with you about the offered services.

Fun Inflatables for Sale in Astley Abbotts

Have you ever thought of purchasing fun inflatables such as bouncy castles? Then, contact us for our complete shopping list because you will be surprised by just how much air-inflated equipment there is. We have many inflatables for sale and have everything you might need, from bouncy castles, water sports equipment to sofa beds and photo booths.

We recommend purchasing your equipment for your inflatables like a bouncy castle because it is reusable and easy to store once deflated. You can so rent the inflatable products. However, the extra services like the delivery, set-up, and pick up may cost you more. 


Unique Air Inflatables Design

UK councils and schools are currently looking at large activity facilities like a bouncy castle for children and kids to play. This is in line with their goal to promote activity and reduce obesity at a younger age.

Being physically active is crucial for children. Inflatables provide a fun place where the kids can bounce, have fun with friends, and traverse through courses. This also makes inflatables great for parks and leisure centres.

The unique air product bouncy castle design is customisable to fit the customers' needs. We discuss the shapes, sizes, and colours with you while working within your budget.

Getting people involved in physical activities is an excellent way for children to stay fit. It has a lot of health benefits, encouraging people to exercise while having fun.

How Long Do Inflatables Last?

A well-maintained, high-quality bouncy castle inflatable may last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. Where they are used and how well they are maintained for define this range. While PVC has greatly improved over time, UV deterioration is still a significant element in the life of a bouncy castle inflatable.

How Do I Store Inflatables?

Follow these steps to safely store a bouncy castle inflatable:

  • Deflate the product completely, ideally with the reverse mode of an electric pump or a shop vacuum.
  • Fold and roll the inflatable to the required storage width (typically in thirds).
  • Wrap the inflatable in its original carrying bag or a protective cover like a tarp and tie it down firmly using rope or straps.
  • Store the product in a clean, dry location away from direct sunlight and away from the elements. To avoid rodent damage, it's preferable to keep it in a container containing mothballs.
  • Never keep wet items directly on concrete in a moist place.
  • Never store at temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius) or in an environment with frequent temperature changes.

Where Do You Put an Inflatable Pool?

An inflatable pool should be placed on stable, firm, and level ground. For smaller inflatable pools, the most frequent setup is in the yard on grass, and for bigger inflatable pools, on a levelled sand filled surface or concrete pad.

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