Inflatable Photo Booth in Ackworth Moor Top

Inflatable Photo Booth in Ackworth Moor Top

We are able to supply inflatable photo booths for use at events such as birthday parties and weddings, these come in a range of designs and can be set up anywhere.

Blow Up Photobooths in Ackworth Moor Top

Blow Up Photobooths in Ackworth Moor Top

The equipment we provide gives you a full portable photobooth which can be inflated wherever you need it for your party or special occasion.

Portable LED Photobooth in Ackworth Moor Top

Portable LED Photobooth in Ackworth Moor Top

Our products come in a range of designs and can have LED lights in different colours to make them really stand out for guests in your venue.

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Inflatable Photo Booth to Buy in Ackworth Moor Top

Here at inflatable Photo Booth, we supply inflatable photo booths for use at events such as birthday parties and weddings, these come in a range of designs and can be set up anywhere. If you're in need of experienced and friendly inflatable photo booth suppliers in Ackworth Moor Top then look no further than us.

If looking for an inflatable photo booth to buy in Ackworth Moor Top WF7 7 we are the market leaders in offering many different designs. The inflatable photobooths come with fantastic LED lighting which is great fun for everyone attending weddings, school proms, birthday parties, Christmas and corporate events.


They are very easy to inflate and set up wherever you decide is the best location. The portable products come in various designs like igloo, LED square event cube, octagon tent and bubble photo-booth tent. Each of these is supplied with specialist multi colour lighting to offer different background effects perfect for picture and images.

Please feel free to contact our team if you're thinking about buying an inflatable photobooth. Simply fill out the enquiry form and we'll get back to you with some advice on costs and designs.

What is a Photo Booth?

A photo booth is a facility where images can be taken. They're now popular and set up for events and parties, as they are supplied with cool props which create great memories for people to remember about a party. There are many types of these products available now due to the request for them, a new type is a blow-up booth. This stands out from the standard ones provided as it is different and not a lot of people have seen them which is why they're a really cool idea to have.

Portable Photo-Booth Suppliers

Based within the UK we are the premium portable photo-booth suppliers not just within the United Kingdom but worldwide and we regularly supply these materials in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and in many countries throughout the world.

These products are amazing for people of all ages and could be purchased for both professional and non-professional use. For example, some people may look at purchasing this booth to use as a studio for professional work, whilst others may be looking to have a fun photography session with their friends. Party planners will often buy this type of equipment for use with many different events as they're so versatile.

VIP Photo Booth with LED Lights

The VIP Photo-Booth with LED lights is perfect for weddings and parties and are a great way to create memories with images and pictures which can be shared on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. The VIP photobooths have LED lighting which gives amazing background colour changes which works great for a varied array of photographs.

Corporate Photo Booths Hire

When you look into the prices for corporate photo-booth hire in Ackworth Moor Top WF7 7 for weddings, birthdays or Christmas parties then it actually becomes more cost-effective to actually buy the product.

These inflatable photobooths are cheaper to purchase than actually hire so if you want to compare quotes on this we can send you costs to either hire or purchase the inflated portable photo booths. Hiring image booth products is certainly still available but this is all about you weighing up the costings to buy against the hiring rates.

We firmly believe that purchasing the image booth is the better option, as not only is it cheaper to do so but it also allows the owners to use the booth whenever they please, as opposed to it being a one-off thing. The product can be easily deflated and stored for future use if you have another party or event.

Photobooth for Sale in Ackworth Moor Top

If you're looking for a new photobooth for sale then fill in the contact form on this page where we can send you all the latest prices, quotes and specifications of the inflatable photo booths. There are many cheap manufacturers of these materials and we believe that our products are the best value.

The premium photo booths might not be the cheapest but we can guarantee on a like for like material we are the best value throughout the world.

The provides great footage of the fun involved in these selfie platforms and if you're looking for an inflatable photo booth in Ackworth Moor Top WF7 7 fill out the contact box where we will reply with all the costings and information you require. We appreciate that you've taken time to see this info, thanks!

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