Inflatable Volleyball Court in Astley Bridge

Inflatable Volleyball Court in Astley Bridge

Inflatable volleyball courts can be used games in a back garden. Great fun for the kids!

Giant Blow Up Volleyball Facility in Astley Bridge

Giant Blow Up Volleyball Facility in Astley Bridge

Giant blow up volleyball facilities can be themed and set up ready for any event, looks great!

Outdoor Volleyball Inflatable Court in Astley Bridge

Outdoor Volleyball Inflatable Court in Astley Bridge

Outdoor volleyball inflatable courts are incredibly durable and safe, and offer lots of space for the sport to be played.

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Inflatable Volleyball Court in Astley Bridge

Welcome to Inflatable Volleyball Court, we specialise in blow up volleyball facilities that can be themed and set up ready for any event, they are incredibly durable and safe and offer lots of space for the sport to be played. Do you need an experienced inflatable volleyball court supplier in Astley Bridge? Then you have come to the right place.

We are the leading provider of the Inflatable volleyball court in Astley Bridge BL1 7 and have years of experience supplying these products within the UK. Inflatable volleyball facilities are an excellent way to enjoy the sport of volleyball nearly anywhere and are incredibly practical to use and store away.


These court types are fantastic for any events including festivals and parties and can be used over and over again due to their quick inflation/deflation and great storage capabilities.

This allows the volleyball court to be stored over the winter months and then used throughout summer. Lots of our clients choose to buy the equipment so it can be kept and used for future events.

Please contact us through the form on this page if you would like our pricing information with regards to the products we supply. If you have any particular budget requirements we can work with you to ensure the overall costs are affordable for you.

What is an Inflatable Volleyball Court?

An inflatable volleyball court is a portable alternative to a conventional volleyball facility, as it can be inflated, used, deflated and stored wherever and whenever. Blow up courts are increasing in popularity throughout the United Kingdom, with more people looking to buy these products for large events and also for personal use.

The facilities that we offer are made from the highest quality inflatable material, guaranteeing the longevity of the court. As you can see from the photos above, these courts are designed and engineered to accommodate many people using the inflatable at once and are great fun for individuals of any age.

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Outdoor Volleyball Inflated Net For Sale

At Premium Inflatables in Astley Bridge BL1 7 we pride ourselves on offering only the best quality outdoor volley ball inflated net for sale. The materials we use offer a soft and safe bounce to them during use, however, they are also incredibly tough and capable of enduring the hardest of impacts.

Whilst a few other companies may offer products that are slightly cheaper, we believe that our product is the most durable available. Despite this, we still sell our blow-up volleyball courts at a good value, yet the price can vary with regards to a client’s needs.


Giant Volleyball Courts Hire in Astley Bridge

Although we do offer giant volleyball courts hire, we believe that clients are always better off purchasing the court as they are fantastic facilities to use throughout the summer for either big locations or simply just for personal use.

Additionally, we also encourage our customers to purchase the giant volleyball courts as opposed to hiring them due to the fact that it is cheaper to do so. This is down to the fact that the insurance and collection costs that go with the hiring cost actually work out to be pricier then buying the volleyball court would be.

Volleyball Blow Up Facility Inflatables

Volley ball blow-up facility inflatables act as a fantastic outdoor activity for people of all ages and could be used in a large number of different locations with ease. These facilities are great for those who are looking to buy these for a big event or show, whilst these inflatable courts also make for some brilliant back garden fun.

Playing this sport is a great physical activity which is excellent for your health and fitness. Individuals being involved in sport should be done more often now because of the number of obesity issues which there are. Having this type of item at your facility can promote people to get involved because it is seen as more fun.

If you'd like to receive a quote about the range of products which we have on offer as well as the many other services available, all you need to do id fill out our enquiry form and we will get back so you quickly. If you are interested in purchasing an inflatable courts facility in Astley Bridge BL1 7 please fill out the contact form at the top of our page and our experienced team will reply as soon as we can.


The enquiry process is easy to follow, so you will receive your information quickly once we have got your initial application.

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