Inflatable Human Table Football  in Aldermaston

Inflatable Human Table Football in Aldermaston

Inflatable Table Football will become the center piece to your event. Friends and family can get involved and it is for all ages.

Inflatable Soccer Table in Aldermaston

Inflatable Soccer Table in Aldermaston

As specialists in the industry, we have provided blow up products for many years and we have catered for many different events. All of our products are fully customisable to meet your requirements!

Inflatable Table Football in Aldermaston

Inflatable Table Football in Aldermaston

Players are strapped into their position and battle begins with your opponents. The aim of the game is to score more goals than the other team.

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Human Table Football in Aldermaston

Here at Human Table Football, as specialists in the industry, we have provided blow up products for many years and we have catered for many different events. All of our products are fully customisable to meet your requirements, as it is designed for all ages, all friends and family can enjoy. If you're in need of experienced and friendly sports pitch suppliers in Aldermaston then look no further than us.

A human table football in Aldermaston RG7 4 is an inflatable product which is popular for parties and events for all ages. This product allows you to become a real-life player of a table-football game! Strapped in, and stuck to your position, just like the classic table game. Become a player and dominate your zone and help your team to victory!


Our blow up products is portable and easy to store away for your next use. Also, they are strong and resistant to withstand powerful shots and people. As they are easy to inflate and deflate, allowing you to be set up, or packed up within minutes.

If the idea of buying a table football facility interests you? Then what about one where you are in the game? Please do not hesitate to contact us! Fill out our contact form and we will reply to your enquiry as soon as possible.

What is Inflatable Human Table Football?

Inflatable human table football is a game based upon the classic table-football bar game that is brought to life through the players being you and your friends. Like in the table-football version, each player holds a position and is secured in with fasteners. The objective is to score more goals than your opposing team.

If you ever played this activity and really enjoyed it, this is another form of it and even better, you can now get involved! Having activities like this promote teamwork which is great for individuals to participate in. It is also really fun and great for events and parties. If you are interested in this item, why not find out more now? It's no problem for us to provide a quotation, just ask and our team will be happy to do it.

Our inflatable products are made of premium quality materials able to withstand many players and powerful shots. As it's a blow-up mechanism, this makes it easy to set it up and pack it away at the end of the game within a short time. It is also more cost-efficient for our customers to purchase the equipment rather than buying it, and this way it can be taken down and stored for future use.


Inflatable Soccer Table for Sale

We have many inflatable soccer tables in Aldermaston RG7 4 for sale right now and we are able to adjust the product in terms of size, colour and design to meet your needs. Not only can we change these specifications, but we offer industry competitive rates so you can obtain maximum value by choosing to purchase from Premium Inflatables.

These products can be offered through a hire service from time to time. However, when taking into account the insurance, delivery and transport costs, it can turn out a lot more expensive to hire rather than a one time purchase.

Blow Up Footy Table Prices in Aldermaston

Prices vary for blow up footy tables and this is dependent on the specifications required from our client. These prices vary as we are heavily focused on meeting customer needs and all their requirements. What doesn’t vary is our communication levels, premium quality and attention to detail.

Designs could be more expensive than others, and cost can increase, or discounts could be applied dependent on your location. Even in consideration of these factors, we can work with your organisation and you so we meet your budget. 

Inflatable Table Footy Designs

Here at Premium Inflatables, we offer many different designs, shapes, sizes and colours. Again, this enables you to buy equipment which is exactly what you want and suits your budget. We are flexible to many ideas and we will try to make everything possible for you as the client.

The design is important to consider, and the inflatable table footy game can be the focal point for your big event. Fun, unique and new this is sure to get everyone of all ages involved, and will ensure you have a great time becoming a real-life table footy player!


Please contact us if you are looking to buy inflatable table football equipment in Aldermaston RG7 4 and we'll get in touch with some further product information and help with costs.

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