Inflatable Boxing Ring

Inflatable Boxing Ring

Our inflatable boxing ring comes complete with the inflatable gloves, perfect fun for any occasion!

Air Inflated Boxing Facility

Air Inflated Boxing Facility

Air inflated boxing facilities look awesome set up outdoors in a more industrial location. Proof that the boxing ring really can be used anywhere!

Inflatable Boxing Gloves used for Inflatable Boxing

Inflatable Boxing Gloves used for Inflatable Boxing

Inflatable boxing gloves used for inflatable boxing. There's plenty of padding on the gloves to ensure safety!

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Inflatable Boxing Ring

We are Inflatable Boxing Ring, we provide a number of inflatables boxing rings which all come complete with inflatable safety gloves, perfect for fun on any occasion. If you'd like to purchase or hire an inflatable boxing ring facility, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

With a growing demand for inflatable products, people are constantly looking to find a new and innovative blow-up facility to offer at shows and events. Our inflatable boxing ring offers exactly that, as these rings are a completely unique and safe way to enjoy the sport of boxing.


We are the top provider of premium quality inflatables and dedicate our time to selling only the best quality, dependable products available. The inflatable rings that we offer are incredibly reliable, practical and safe, which are massively important factors for these facilities.

If you would like to buy an air inflated boxing facility, please get in touch with us through the contact form. We can offer all the information you need on the costs of purchasing these products.

What is an Inflatable Boxing Ring?

An inflatable boxing ring is a blow-up boxing arena that can be transported anywhere once deflated. These products are inflated and deflated within a number of minutes, and provide users with a fun new way to participate in a sports-boxing competition.

Our blow up boxing rings come complete with inflatable gloves, which provide a soft cushioned impact to significantly reduce the risk of injury whilst using the specialist facility.

Whilst the structure of the inflatable ring itself is extremely sturdy and strong, it also has bouncy qualities which cushion the falls of boxers, again greatly strengthening the safety of users.

Bouncy Boxing Rings for Sale

Premium Inflatables offer a huge range of bouncy boxing rings for sale, all of which vary in size, design, colour and shape. Making sure you choose the correct sport arena for you will help the facility to stand out in the crowd.

Additionally, for those looking to purchase the product for personal use, it is important you consider the size of your chosen area when selecting your bouncy boxing ring.

The products that we offer are amongst the highest quality available; however, the prices of these rings can vary depending entirely on the specs for the facility. If you're interested in an inflatable ring, we suggest that you drop us a quick email regarding your requirements, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can regarding the costs.


Blow Up Inflatable Wrestling Ring Hire

We do offer a blowup inflatable wrestling ring hire service, yet we recommend that the client opts to buy the bouncy boxing ring instead of hire it. The reason for this is because the customer will need to ensure the product and pay for the collection of it after use, which on top of the hiring price often works out more costly than buying the products for a one-off fee.

This then means that once you have purchased the equipment, it can be stored away and used again for many other events.

In addition to this, purchasing the blowup boxing ring also provides owners with the option to use the rings whenever they like. This for many individuals who use inflatables at large events multiple times acts as a really useful advantage and can make the sports ring very profitable during its lifespan.

Inflatable Boxing Gloves 

As mentioned before, our inflatable boxing-gloves are designed to keep the boxers as safe as possible during the use of a facility. Like the ring itself, the gloves can be inflated and deflated very quickly, which is extremely practical for both the boxers and the owner of the ring.

The gloves themselves are made from the exact same material as the ring too, which makes certain that the product can withstand impact after impact whilst providing individuals with the peace of mind that they will remain safe whilst participating in the sport.

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