Bouncy Castles Specialists in Arlington

Bouncy Castles Specialists in Arlington

Being experts in our industry allows us to create products to your specification. Great for kids parties, and even for older ages too.

Big Bouncy Castles in Arlington

Big Bouncy Castles in Arlington

Our castles are easily inflatable and deflatable allowing you to store it away for later use. All of our castles are made from premium, high quality materials.

Bouncy Castles for Sale in Arlington

Bouncy Castles for Sale in Arlington

Available as a one time purchase, and for hire, a bouncy castle can provide great fun for children, as well as fitness. Stretch their imagination and give them their own jumping palace for themselves and their friends!

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Premium Bouncy Castles in Arlington

Welcome to Bouncy Castles, offer a one time purchase, or for hire, a bouncy castle can provide great fun for children, as well as fitness. Stretch their imagination and give them their own jumping palace for themselves and their friend. Do you need an experienced premium bouncy castle supplier in Arlington? Then you have come to the right place.

We are specialists in Inflatable products for parties and events for all ages. Premium bouncy castles in Arlington BN26 6 allow the kids to feel like the real king and queen of the castle! They are great for kid’s parties and can really stretch their imagination ensuring a fun and happy party.  


The castle is easily inflated and deflated so that it can be stored away for your next use. To add to this they are sturdy and able to withstand many children running and jumping on it.

Does this idea sound perfect for your party or outdoor event? Head on over to our contact form, send us an enquiry, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible with an informative response.

What Types are Available?

There are many types of these products available, it just depends on a few factors. Such as the age group using it, the budget which is available and how many users will be on this type of inflatable.

There is a lot of classic styles but recently, even more, have been designed to suit different niches and also events. They are available in yellow, orange, blue, pink, multi-coloured and so many more colours.

We also even have themes on them, such as a tower, jungle or general ones. Having this many to offer is great because we can meet individuals special requests and get them the product which they want.

If you are unsure you have found the design which you would like, then we recommend speaking to one of our team and explain to them what you are looking for and they will then help you decide.

Bouncy Castle Manufacturers

Premium bouncy castles are a blow-up product that mimics a grand castle, to make children feel like they own their own palace. Delve into your own medieval world as your castle party comes to life with our fantastic and unique blow up products. Children will be jumping up and down for hours in the castle and everyone will love it.

Premium Inflatables offer a fully customisable design process for our clients. We are able to meet your specifications, whether it’s the size, colour, shape or general design. Whilst offering this flexibility, we also aim to meet everyone’s budget.


Bouncy Castle Blower Equipment Sales

Prices do vary for buying blow-up castles and this can rely on the design chosen, and the size you want. It is important to consider the number of individuals attending your event or the number of people who will be using the castle when choosing the size.

As always, various designs can cost more or less than others, and costs can vary dependent on our customer’s location because of transport and delivery costs. We would usually recommend purchasing the equipment rather than hiring it as this is often more budget-friendly for our customers, and the product can be deflated and stored for future use.

Adult Bouncy Castle Hire in Arlington

Adult bouncy castle hire in Arlington BN26 6 is a service we offer, however, we would recommend making a one time purchase instead. There are multiple reasons for this. Firstly, the cost of insuring, transporting and delivering the product can certainly make the cost more expensive for you as the client.

Subsequently, a single purchase will allow you to store the castle away and make use of it at a later date, whether it’s for a party, event or for you and your family or friends to have fun with.

Bouncy Castle Repairs

We can repair any bouncy-castle damage or problem you have had in the past with bouncy castles. Repairs are key as they can potentially be dangerous unrepaired.

Injuries have happened when people have disregarded a small tear or hole; these stretch upon use, so any sign of wear and tear get in contact with us and we can get it back to top condition.


Whether you need a repair on your bouncy-castle in Arlington BN26 6 or a brand new one, we offer both of these services for you. Please get in touch with us through the contact form to discuss costs for buying these products.

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